Friday, October 21, 2011

Boom Arm

I have toyed with the ideal with buying a boom arm for a while.  Light stands are fine for holding your lighting equipment, but they seems to get in the way quite a lot.  Trying to place your softbox as close to your subject invariably mean the light stand get in the frame.  Quite often, I had to photo shop them out from the final image.  Well, I bought a boom arm about a month ago and have used it for two shoots already.  I got mine from eBay and it is quite steady and comes with a 5kg counter weight.  You do need it though when you fully extend the arm.  With the boom arm, I am able to get the softbox very close to the model without the stand showing in the image.  Here is a photo of the arm in action.

As you can see, with the boom arm with its counter weight, I am able to get close without it getting in the way.  Here a photo taken with this set up.

The only disadvantage is that the boom arm is quite a bit larger and heavier to cart around.  I would not want to carry it around with a car.  For some shoots, where portability is important, I will not bring the boom arm with me.

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