Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ivy - The Tattooed Girl

Recently, most of the models I shot with have tattoos.  This was not a coincident as I was actively seeking models with tattoos to shoot with.  When I saw Ivy (PS 217836) on Purestorm, I asked to shoot with her.  The style I wanted to shoot was a cross between glamour and Bizarre Magazine.  It was shot in a very small apartment studio in Dulwich.  Within the small space, I was able to shoot a number of sets.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ivy and recommend her to any photographer.  Communication was good before the shoot.  It was a cold day in London.  With little clothes on it must be cold, but she did not complaint at all.  We had a good chat through out the shoot.  It was very educational.  I got some really good images from the shoot.  I must say, they have more of a glamour look than Bizarre Magazine style.  Perhaps shooting against a plain background would help as most Bizarre images than to have a plain background.  Also, the expression of the model should have more attitude.  Not Ivy's fault at all, as I was telling her what to do.  Next time, it will be different.  That would be something to try another time.  Here are a few photos from this shoot.  The first two photos are my favorites from the shoot.

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