Saturday, December 3, 2011

List of Flakes

I think I will start a list of models that have let me down badly.  I am fed up with models letting me down.  Its not much, but its my way of listing them.

Rayy Alexander,  Model Mayhem #2668791.  Made no attempt to tell me she was not coming.  Decided it was better to turn off her phone and not answer my text or phone call.  Wasted my time, MUA's time and studio time.

Miss Souki, Model Mayhem #2402096.  Was texting me to confirm the shoot was still on the night before.  Decided not to answer my phone call the next day.

Biancia triganza, again on Model Mayhem #1425385.  She said she was still coming while on the train home.  Made me wait for 2 hours at the studio and my studio fee down the drain.

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