Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dieselpunk Studios Shoot

My first shoot of 2012 was at Dieselpunk Studios on Sunday 15th January.  It was organised by myself and Nick Halling for The Essex Strobists, a group on Flickr.  Dieselpunk studios only open for business in December 2011 by Micky Lake.  Nick shoots there quite a bit.  It is based in Wickford in Essex.  There is a lack of good studios around Essex and it is good to see Dieselpunk opening for business.

The studio is large compared to other places I have been to.  The cost is very reasonable when you compared it to other studios which is basically a small room with a backdrop.  Dieselpunk have a great number of sets for very similar money to other studios.  I am sure I will be shooting there again.

When I posted casting calls on Model Mayhem and Purestorm, I was not sure what to expect.  The last shoot, I organised, only 3 models turned up.  This time, I had a lot of interests from models.  So many in fact I had to turn them away.  I also contacted Charli Gladwin and Jean Fernand, two make up artists I have worked with before.  They did a great job of handling the make up on the day.

It was a great day of shooting with 10 photographers, 12 models and 2 make up artists.  Normally, at least 50% of models do not turn up, but this time only two models did not show.  The MUAs did a great job of doing all the make up for all the models.  I did not managed to shoot with all the models, but I still came away with some great images.  These are my favorite shots from that day.



Glamorous Ivy

The dark Ivy



Krystal in the Victorian drawing room


The lovely Eloise again

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  1. Great range of images and styles captured in one shoot.

    Is there anyone you didnt work with? ;-)