Monday, March 26, 2012

WWII Re-enactment Shoot

I was lucky to be part of a WWII re-enactment shoot last week.  The group was called Battle for Europe (  They take part in many re-enactment events throughout the country from spring to autumn.  The season was about to start and we were able to do a small photo shoot with them as a warm up.

This re-enactment is based on the weeks after the landing in Normandy.  They are a very professional group, all props, they used are original from that period.  Only the uniforms are reproduction.  The day started with a brief introduction and we were off.  They had various drills which they went through from weapons inspections, Brent gun drill, patrols to wounds man retrieval.

It was a cloudy day and it then started to rain quite heavily.  That does not stop these people from going out as they are all used to the British weather.  Running in the rain and mud is all part of re-enactment.

Equipment for the day was kept to a minimum.  I had a Canon 500D body, Sigma 18-125mm HSM OS lens, Canon 50 f1.8 lens, a Canon 430EXI, a single light stand for set up shots and PT04 flash trigger.  That was it.

I was very tired at the end of the day.  Running around in the rain and mud is hard work but very worthwhile.

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