Thursday, May 3, 2012

Red Curtain and Bubble Wrap

I had the opportunity to shoot with the lovely Amber Corbett again last week.  The idea was to shot a model wrapped in a red curtain and bubble wrap.  Initially I wanted to use a white background, but I heard Photovibe Studio in Benfleet had just built an infinity cove.  I've used this studio before and was keen to try the new cove.

Amber is a model I worked with in January and I contacted her regarding this idea and she was happy to work with me on this idea.  In fact she has a lot of ideas and input into this shoot.  I have to say she was a pleasure to work with.  Communication was good and she was on time and a great laugh during the shoot.

Regarding lighting an infinity cove, it was simple, I only used a large softbox to light Amber and the cove bounced the light everywhere creative a high key white background.  The studio had light mounted on the ceiling of the cove, but I tuned them off because the background was too bright.  I am very happy with the photos from this shoot and I hope you like them too.

An infinity cove is great for high key work and a great tool to get get pure white background with a single light.

Light set up for the shoot

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