Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Small Angle Made All The Difference

I was shooting a wedding over the weekend.  It was stressful but enjoyable at the same time.  It was a busy day for the bride and groom.  They had to get married and at the same time greet and look after the guests.  So they did not have a lot of time for the photographer.  I tried to stay out of the way as much as possible and be invisible.  During the church service I did not used the flash and relied on high ISO, mono pod and IS lens to shoot in the dark church.

At the reception after they had greeted all the guests, I managed to shoot them by themselves.  I knew I will not have much time, so I had to work fast.  My Strobist experience definitely came in useful.  There was no time to set up multiple lights, I used a single Nikon SB26 on a light stand without modifier. It was a very cloudy day and a bare flash guns created the illusion of a sunny day.

One of the photo I was shooting was from a low angle.  The image came out really well.  I've captured the emotion of the happy couple, but there was something that made me chimp again.  It was the featureless cloudy white sky behind them.  I decided the photo can be much better if the background was better.  I quickly changed my position so I had the large tree behind them and fired off a few shots.  By working quickly they were still holding that pose.  I think they were the best photos from that day.
The finished photo, I've adjust colour and contrast
This illustrate the important of a good back ground in a portrait and how a small change in angle can achieve that.

The initial shot against the sky

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