Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Wedding of Dominic and Rachel

I shot the wedding of Dominic and Rachel a few weeks ago.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Technically quite challenging, you do have to work fast and use your photography knowledge and equipment to the limits.  You also have to capture the emotion of the day which needed social skills.  I was well prepared for the church after visiting it before the wedding and know it will be dark.  That was not the worse problem and I was happy to shoot at ISO 1600.  Together with my IS lens and monopod I was able to shoot at quite low shutter speed.

The worse aspect of the church was the mixed lighting.  I was shooting without flash during the ceremony, for which I created a custom white balance.  At other times, I did use flash mainly to fill out some shadows.  What I did was gel the flash to match the custom white balance, so I can shoot with or without flash and the images still look right without colour cast in the background.  With this approach, I can seamlessly switch between fill flash and no flash without having to change white balance.  Also, when I shot with flash, I wanted the images to look natural as though no flash was used.  My favourite images from that day are shown below.

Make up being applied

Church service

Exchange of wedding rings

Man and wife, you may kiss the bride
Speaker at service

Leaving the church

Confetti time

Set up shot at reception

The after dinner dance

The dancing bride

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