Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chloe at Lions Boxing Gym

I had a fabulous day shooting at the weekend and I am still post processing the images.  The shoot was organised by me for The Essex Strobists.  It took place at Lions Boxing Gym in Writtle near Chelmsford Essex.  We had three models and over six boxers to work with during the day.

After going through the RAW files, the images of Chloe was the set I completed.  Chloe does kick boxing so she is quite good with punch bags.

This is what we started with, but somehow when I looked at the images at the back of the camera, there is something lacking.  They lacked dynamic so I decided to change to do some poses instead.  Lighting was kept simple.  I used my Strobeam DL4 in a gridded 60x90 softbox just right of camera.  I wanted to drop the ambient light level and shot the images at F8, 1/200s and ISO 100.  We used a Nikon SB800 with green gel behind Chloe pointed to the white wall to add a bit of interest to the background.

Chloe was very good at posing in front of the camera and needed little prompting to change poses and really liked the images we got.  The only thing that annoyed me was myself.  I was working too fast and did not look hard enough at the background.  There were a number of items on the ground and the wall which ruined the look.  I had to use Photoshop to remove them.  Ideally, I should have moved them before shooting and save myself a lot of work.

In summary, very happy with the images of Chloe and need to finish off the others.

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