Thursday, October 18, 2012

Murder Mile Studios Shoot

I took part in a group shoot at Murder Mile Studios last weekend with a great bunch of photographers, models and makeup artists.  The event was organised by Krystal Johns, a model, I shot with a few times.  She had assembled eight models and two make up artists and got a lot of fetish designers onboard as well.  Quite a few designers have sent in clothing for the models to wear.  Murder Mile Studios is well known to photographers and models around London who shoot fetish and BDM.  I’ve shot there twice and always enjoyed it.   There are many sets available for us to shoot in and we had a different model for each set to avoid duplication.   I knew it was going to be a long day and decided I will not take too many shoots and concentrate on setting up good lighting.  The key light throughout the shoot was my Strobeam DL4 with a 43” umbrella softbox.  Fill light was provided by a Nikon SB26 in a 60cm softbox.  In some images, I also used a Metz 44 AF-1 with grid or gel for rim light or background light.

Saara at The Office Set

Although it is called the office set, there are a couple of sofas and chairs to use as well as an office desk and chair.  Most interesting to me was the dark wall paper which is an interesting back drop.  I had the Lovely Saara who is from Finland.  I’ve decided I wanted to use the red sofa right at the beginning and set up the light accordingly.  Saara is very pale and I had to make sure her skin is not too blown out in the photos.   Most of the work in post processing was to the wall paper in the background.  While you do not notice it with your eyes, but once you use flash, the joints between the wall papers show up as vertical white lines.  It was very annoying and took your attention from the model.  Saara is wearing a corset by Batties Clothing and makeup by Alice Bizarre.

Betty Havok in The Dinner Set

The dinner set was on the corner of the room with painted black walls.  Betty had dark hair and wearing black underwear with black stockings.  It was going to be difficult to produce something different that is the normal dinner images.  I decided to start with Betty sitting on a stool and had a gridded speedlite behind her pointed at the wall just to be different.  Then quickly position her on hands and knees on top of two stools.  It just progressed from there trying different angles and just loves the one from behind showing off her lovely bottom.  I am really happy with these shots.  Makeup was by Alice Bizarre.

Poppy Thorn on The Bar

The bar was next to the dinner and has a stainless stain top together with shelves of empty bottles.  The studio owner must have a wonderful time gathering them as props.  I wanted to make the bar more interesting by adding a speedlite with red gel to light up the bottles on the shelves.  Poppy was lovely to work with.  Most of the shots were taken with Poppy on top of the bar and showing off her great assets to the full.    Makeup was by Alice Bizarre and she was wearing a dress made by Sophie-Ann Cammish.

Maja Stina in the Office Set

I briefly shot with Maja in the office set and used the arm chair this time.  I set up at the lights in the corner and just tried out a few poses.  It was brief but still came away with great results.  It just shows you do not need to take hundreds of photos.  It does help she is very good at posing.

Krystal At The Boudour Set

With Krystal, I concentrated in getting the lighting correct for one set up and try to get the best out of it.  I've shot with Krystal previously in this set up so was keen to do something different.  That was the reason I used the dressing table rather than the bed.  We tried a few poses and these are my favorite images from that dat.  Makeup by Alice Bizarre.

Sophie Cash at the Dungeon Set

Sophie have the most amazing eyes, they are beautiful and I wanted to show them off.  Although it is the dungeon set, I did not really want to use it as such.  This area of the studio was very dark and my camera had problem focusing.  The close up shots of Sophie were my favorites.  She did her own makeup and wore a dress made by herself

Sarah At The Prison Set

I was lucky to shoot with Sarah Karwaii in the prison set.  She was wearing an orange latex dress made by Hellcat Latex.  I tried to think of ideas to put here behind bars, but thought it is best to have her in front of them.  Due to the white walls, I only used a single light to light her and the light also bounced around to fill out all the shadow.  The only thing I did was to try different angle which worked out well.

Miss Whiplash

Becki was almost the last model I worked with for this group shoot and I really wanted to do something a bit different.  I was suppose to shoot with her at the metal throne but decided to use the dressing table and mirror instead.  I used a third speedlite with green gel aimed at the back wall at the beginning but took it off later to obtain a much darker look.  Becki was very comfortable in front of the camera and needed very little instruction with poses.  I really like the images I got with her.  She was wearing a corset by Waisted Creations, makeup by Robyn Skinner.  In post, I darken the reflection of the mirror which was very distracting.

Gemma At The Throne Set

Gemma was my last model of the day and we got to use the throne set.  Right at the beginning I decided I will not have the model sitting on the throne.  All the photos I've seen with this set had the model sitting.  I normally want my images to be different so I asked Gemma to kneel on the throne instead and then moved on to have her sitting on the floor in front of it.  There was a decorated rams' head which we made use of while she was sitting on the floor.  Again I was very please with photos I got with Gemma.  She is wearing a dress made by Lady Allura's Latex and makeup was by Robyn Skinner.

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