Friday, January 11, 2013

Mono Part II with Jade Nunn

Jade was another model that was interested in the "Mono" idea.  I was really happy with the results I got with Eloise.  Jade is a great model, so full of energy.  Once I had the camera pointed at her, she was off, pulling pose after pose without direction.

She brought along a black and white outfit and we move to the padded cell set of the studio.  It seemed strange at the time, but once I saw the test image on the back of the camera, I knew it looked just right.  At first, she was standing, but I saw a interesting chair in the same room and decided it really does suit her clothing.  Jade pulled many poses again and all I had to do was to press the shutter button.  I ended up with so many great images, it was hard to chose the best.  In the end, these are the images that I though are the best from our short session.  I even tried one converted to black and white, but most people think the colour version is better.

Model: Jade Nunn
Makeup: Crystal Edwards

A black and white version of image above

We also manged to shoot a small number of images together again a plan background.  I tell you, it is hard to take a bad photo of Jade.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and I recommend her to anyone.


  1. Being a freelance fashion photographer is not very easy since it takes budget to become one. You have to buy different outfits for your subject, different style of camera lens, and lighting equipment. It is also a bit tiring to move from one place to another. However, the best part here is that you'll be having an adventure while working. It's fun and exciting!

  2. Hey, thanks for your comments. It is good to get feedback.