Monday, January 21, 2013

Pregnancy Shoot with Amber & Jon

As a photographer, I have shot most subjects.  It started off with landscape, but I was tired of waiting for the light condition and all the early start and late finish.  That was the reason I started to shoot portraits.  Pregnancy is something I've not done before.  It looks like a market a lot of photographers are trying to tap into.  When I heard a model I shot with a few times before is pregnant, I thought it is a perfect opportunity for me to shoot some to add to my portfolio.

We kept in touch and arranged a date so her bump will be showing but made sure the date was not too close to her expected day.  She have a few ideas to what she wanted and I did my research as well.  Together, we came up with a few ideas together.  On the day we came up with a shooting schedule and worked through them.  They ranged from high key, low key and black and white images.

We wanted to go a little further and worked to implied topless and kept the images tasteful.  After all, it is not a glamour shoot.  Some of the black and white images came out really well and I like them a lot.  They were cropped very tight to a letter box format which suit the image and made you concentrate on the important part of the photo.

I also took some images of Amber alone and as a couple.  Images that you can hang on your wall, images that you can show anyone.  The first two images on this page are quite intimate, some people may not want to share with strangers.  Personally, I feel the last three images are ones you can show to anyone. I am now glad I've these photos in my portfolio.

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