Monday, April 15, 2013

Charlotte Molly Louise

I was able to shoot with Charlotte on the staircase of an old industrial building.  Although it was a cold day, Charlotte was happy to shoot in lingerie.  The location had an old lift was I put to good use.  I always like to use colour gels because they can lift an image and add a splash of colour.  I tried blue and green but settled on red this time.  It compliments the colour of Charlotte's outfit.

Charlotte's tall slim figure is what make the images stand out.  After shooting in front of the lift, we moved over to the stairs.  When shooting on stairs, I always place the model above me as I do not like shooting downwards.  The perspective is just wrong and give the impression of large head and short legs.

I had to add another light out of view to light up the back wall, other wise, the background was just too dark and did not look right.  We tried various poses and these three stands out for me.

I generally like quirky unusual poses, but this time I went for a more conventional look.  As always, I tended to only edit the minimum number of photos as I truly believe less is more.  These five images are the best out of many.

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