Monday, November 20, 2017

Shannon Page Mono

The last time I created a post was back in April this year.  This year I have been very busy in my personal life and work.  While I have been shooting, I just did not have time to post my photos.  These photos of Shannon were shot earlier this year but only just now have time to share with you.  They were shot as part of my drive to shoot more monochrome images.

Shannon is an amazing model.  I first shot with her last year when she was starting out.  Now she had made the jump to be her full time occupation.  Good luck to her and she deserve to succeed.  When I contacted her with my idea for this shoot, she was happy to work with me again.

I already know the type of post processing I was going to perform, quite high contrast and quite a bit of dodging and burning.

I wanted the images to be a little sexy and it is hard not to succeed with Shannon.  She is just stunting and super sexy.

I am really happy with these images and will post more in the near future.  In the mean time, here are a few more of Shannon.

The studio I was at also had a LED ring light and here are a couple images shot with it.  Bokehlicious!

I have quite a few blog posting coming up, so watch this space...

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