Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ivy - The Tattooed Girl

Recently, most of the models I shot with have tattoos.  This was not a coincident as I was actively seeking models with tattoos to shoot with.  When I saw Ivy (PS 217836) on Purestorm, I asked to shoot with her.  The style I wanted to shoot was a cross between glamour and Bizarre Magazine.  It was shot in a very small apartment studio in Dulwich.  Within the small space, I was able to shoot a number of sets.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ivy and recommend her to any photographer.  Communication was good before the shoot.  It was a cold day in London.  With little clothes on it must be cold, but she did not complaint at all.  We had a good chat through out the shoot.  It was very educational.  I got some really good images from the shoot.  I must say, they have more of a glamour look than Bizarre Magazine style.  Perhaps shooting against a plain background would help as most Bizarre images than to have a plain background.  Also, the expression of the model should have more attitude.  Not Ivy's fault at all, as I was telling her what to do.  Next time, it will be different.  That would be something to try another time.  Here are a few photos from this shoot.  The first two photos are my favorites from the shoot.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Light & Shoot 50 Fashion Photos - A Book Review

Publisher: ILEX
Author: Christ Gatcum

As the title of the book say, there are 50 fashion photos featured in this book. The photographer featured ranged from world famous professionals (Rankin, Perou) to unknown amateurs.

At the beginning of the book, there is an introduction of studio equipment from off camera flash to professional studio lights. Then the type of modifiers and their uses are given. After reading this chapter, you should have a reasonable understanding of studio lighting. The diagrams will be use with each image featured to indicate the lighting used.

With each image, there is a short biography of the photographer. Then the photographer of each image write a short piece of text giving the thought process and use of light to achieve it. The camera, lens and camera settings are listed. The diagram showing the lighting and modifiers used is very useful. Most photos were taken with digital cameras, only a few shot on film.

It is interesting to see many images did not use any lighting or modifier at all. In fact, there are images relied on post processing in Photoshop. Some of the images are stunning. The photographer must have started with a concept and had a team of make up artist, model, costume designer and set designer to bring the vision into a photograph. While other images looks very ordinary to me. With many things fashion, there is no right or wrong, it comes down to if you like it or not.

For me, the good images makes up for the ordinary. It is a good reference book you go back to every now and then. It is not bogged down to equipment, in fact very little is mentioned regarding type of camera or lens. This book is recommended if you are getting into fashion photography and looking for inspiration.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

List of Flakes

I think I will start a list of models that have let me down badly.  I am fed up with models letting me down.  Its not much, but its my way of listing them.

Rayy Alexander,  Model Mayhem #2668791.  Made no attempt to tell me she was not coming.  Decided it was better to turn off her phone and not answer my text or phone call.  Wasted my time, MUA's time and studio time.

Miss Souki, Model Mayhem #2402096.  Was texting me to confirm the shoot was still on the night before.  Decided not to answer my phone call the next day.

Biancia triganza, again on Model Mayhem #1425385.  She said she was still coming while on the train home.  Made me wait for 2 hours at the studio and my studio fee down the drain.