Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Epping Forest Shoot with Vanessa Sicre

Summer was late arriving in the UK and I am going way on holiday and various business trips over the summer.  This mean I will not be shooting much in August and September.  Before the trips, I wanted to do a shoot that reflects the hot summer.  Vanessa replied to my casting call I placed on  I already have a good idea of what I wanted from this shoot, but Vanessa also came in with a lot of her ideas.  We did quite a bit of email communication before the shoot.  She arrived at the shoot with sample images printed out as reference.

It just shows you can never be sure of the final outcomes of the photo shoot.  While I planned a swimwear shoot, my favourite image from this shoot was a fashion image of Vanessa sitting on a large tree branch in the forest.  The branch is at head height and it was difficult for Vanessa to climb up there.  Once on the branch she had to be very careful not to fall off.  However, I was bitten by thousands of mosquitos in the forest.

We ended the shoot with a quirky image of Vanessa wearing a T shirt with a bow tie sewed on.  This was shot against a bright red metal door in bright sun light.  The contrast of the bright colour made the image pop.  Again a totally unexpected image from this shoot.

It was only a short photo shoot, but I enjoyed working with Vanessa and would like to plan something in the future with her.

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