Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Shoot Using Strobeam DL4

Yesterday I had a photo shoot using the Strobeam DL4.  It went very smoothly.  Here are a couple of observations.  The recycling time was good with a maximum of 2s at full power.  I was using 1/4 power most of the time and recycle time was less than 0.5s.  Very consistent exposure shot to shot.  My experience of portable flashes is that they are not very consistent.  Exposure can vary by over a stop sometimes.

I did notice one bad thing, the supplied bracket is not very strong.  I tried to fit a very larger beauty dish on the head that must weigh 1kg.  It was too heavy, the head just pivoted over no matter how hard I tighten the screw.  I gave up in the end and used a much smaller one.  Most of the time, I was using a 60x90cm softbox.  I was very happy with my purchase and would recommend others do the same.  I will report back when I have done a out door day light shoot.

Here is an image of the flash head in action.

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