Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Shoot in Russell Square

I had a quick photo shoot with the lovely Ali Valenzuela in a park near Russell Square in London at the weekend.  The idea was to shoot some summer type images.  The weather was unpredictable with wind, rain, sun and cloud.  It made accurate exposure more difficult as lighting was changing all the time.  I’ve decided to shoot the images with my 85mm f1.8 lens at f1.8 as much as possible for shallow DOF.  At times I had to put a polarizing filter on the lens to reduce the shutter speed below 1/250s.

Shooting at f1.8 made focus critical.  With the model moving between poses, it resulted in quite a few out of focus images.  I had to shoot a lot more images than normal to make sure there were a good enough selection of images in focus to choose from.

Again, I used my Strobeam DL4 lighting kit with my 43” umbrella softbox for lighting.  I was using very low power so I could have used my speedlites, but decided I was to large modifier.  This is the second time I created this shallow DOF over exposed look.  I think it has its place but don’t want to over use it.  I am going to wait a while before shooting in this style again.

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