Saturday, October 27, 2012

Olympus RM-UC1 Compatible Remote Control

When I had an Olympus E-PL1 I was annoyed you cannot use remote shutter release with it.  Now with my E-PM1 I am able to use the Olympus RM-UC1 as a remote shutter release.  That was until I looked at the price of it.  The cheapest place I found in the UK was £49!  I mean it is just a small switch with a cable, how can it be that expensive?  When I bought my Canon RS-6E remote release, it was only £18.  I was prepared to pay that for original part.  But £49 was over the top.  That was when I decided to look online for alternatives.

I managed to see there are many alternatives on Amazon from as little as £2.99.  That will give you a simple switch to trip your shutter.  However, I found some multi-function switch that can be used as:

Shutter release with bulb function
Timer delay
Exposure time
Interval shutter release
Number of shots

Since I like to shoot stop motion videos I decided to buy the switch for £9.99 from an Amazon seller.  The switch arrived within a week and I am happy to say it does everything it says it will do.  The build quality is not up to OEM standard and you will need to supply two AAA batteries to power it.  The only negative I have to say is it does not have an on/off switch, so I take the batteries out when I am not using it.  So far, I’ve used it as a remote shutter release and interval function and it worked flawlessly.  It is highly recommended.  Even if I am photography professional and use it every day, I would buy two and keep one as spare in my bag.  On the other hand if you only want a simple remote release, buy one for £2.99.  If the Olympus remote release is priced more like £15, I will not have any problem paying, but £49 is another matter.

Here are a couple of firework photos taken with my E-PM1 with this remote release on a tripod.

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