Sunday, February 3, 2013

Betty Havok

I had a great shoot with Betty Havok and Krystal Johns last week.  The aim of the shoot was to produce a range of images with clothes from different designers for submissions to publications.  These images are of Betty, the photos of Krystal will come later.

Simple white background really show
off  Betty's slender body.
For this shoot, I took along some simple props: some red curtains, a 85mm spanner and an old analogue TV.  We used Essex Photo Studio for this shoot and they had a few different sets which we made the most of.  They also have a number of various objects laying around the place which we made full use of.

What else would you do with a 85mm spanner?

Good use of analogue TV?
Betty has the dark latin look, and she can look very sexy if you want to.  By putting down a simple red curtain on the floor and shooting from above, we created this amazing image.

Simple red curtain really enhance the look of Betty.

The sofa was old and dilapidated,
but Betty just look great on it.

I think we fully achieved our objective to created some different looks from our photo shoot and I look forward to seeing some of these images published.

Make up on all images by Alice Bizzare Make Up.

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