Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Opium Latex with Emilia Vile Salmon

I was lucky enough to shoot with Emilia at Bodyline Studio a few weeks ago.  It was a group shoot and you do not have total control of who, where and when who get to shoot with.  As it happens, I shot Emilia at the white back drop with the largest softbox ever!  I did not measure it, the softbox has to be about 3m in diameter.  She was wearing an outfit by Opium Latex and it looks like it was made to measure for her.

Lighting was simple, the large softbox was slight off to the left and two large reflectors were on the right to fill out any shadow.  With such a large softbox, the light just wrap around the model, the quality of the light was amazing.

Emilia was a great model and able to pull off many poses without direction.  When I want a change, I only had to tell her and she was able to adapt very quickly.

I did not need a lot of time to produce some great images.  It was hard to choose the images to edit afterwards, they were all so good and I only want to process the best few.  When you shoot against a plain background, you need a good model that can pull out a variety of poses, Emilia did just that.  Since there is little distraction, you have the viewer’s full attention, the smallest change in pose or expression can make a large difference to the total look.  I am very happy with how these photos turned out.

All Photos:
Model: Emilia Vile Salmon
Latex: Opium Latex

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