Monday, October 7, 2013

London Apartment with Charlotte

After travelling for two months, it was good to get back shooting again.  The shoot with the lovely Charlotte was organised during my travel.  I had the pleasure of shooting with her a few times before.  The theme was boudoir and lingerie.  We started the shoot with a fashion images with a few different outfits.  I could not help with playing with gel.  I used red gel with these couple of images.

The apartment has a opaque glass brick dividing wall.  Once I saw that, I knew I was going to back light the wall with colour gel and it will look amazing.  All I had to do was to choose the colour.  This time I used green and I really like the effect of the green back light.  In post, I increased the saturation of the colour green to add more impact.

At the beginning Charlotte was only wearing her lingerie, which looks great, but maybe just too revealing.  she had a cardigan with her which completed the look and I think it is much better.

We then moved into the bedroom to take some boudoir images.  When you have a great model with lovely figure, it is hard to take a bad image.  Charlotte was a pleasure to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot.  We did not have a MUA for this shoot, but Charlotte did wonder with her makeup and hair to make them fresh and different for every set.

When I plan a photo shoot, I always do research and have a good idea of the type of images and what they will look like before hand.  The images I got from this shoot are far better than I have planned.

Model: Charlotte Molly Louise
Photos: Yat Tang

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