Monday, December 22, 2014

White On White with Laura Lily

I shot a series over the summer called "Fashion In The City" and found the experience very rewarding.  Partly it was because you work with many people and also have time to refine your ideas.   Since then I have been thinking of a theme to shoot.   The theme I will be shooting over the next couple of months will be "White On White".   Since it is the winter now, I've decided to spend more time in the studio which suites this series.  It will be shot in the studio again a white background with the model wearing white.  Again, I want to work with different models and makeup artists to develop the idea.

The first shoot have been shot already and I look forward to shooting more.  Here are a selection of images from the first shoot.

Model: Laura Lily
MUA: Malika

There is also a BTS video on Vimeo:

White On White Shoot with Laura Lily (NSFW) from Yat Tang on Vimeo.

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