Saturday, January 20, 2018

Kamlan 50mm F1.1 in Hong Kong & Macau

On a trip to Hong Kong and Macau, I was able to shoot extensively with this lens and returned with a few images and my verdict.  Here are a few cats I shot with this lens while in Hong Kong.  The black cat was relatively easy to focus as it was not moving, the second was much harder but I still managed to shoot a few good images even at F1.1.

Here some people images from my trip.  All were shot hand held with available light at F1.1.  Focusing at  F1.1 can be difficult.

I like this lens, but not as much as the Zongyi 25mm.  It can achieve some great images when focus is spot on but it can be difficult to achieve at F1.1, especilly when your subject is moving.  Chromatic aberration can be bad with high contrast situation.  Sharpness is OK, but do not expect high level of sharpness across the frame even stopped down.  I think it is a great lens for portraits for Micro Four Third.  Even with these in mind I would still recommend this lens if sharpness is not critical and you don't mind focusing manually.  You will get quite a few slightly out of focus images!  It is a fun lens to use and I will carry on using it along with my Zhongyi 25mm lens.

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