Friday, August 10, 2012

Panoramic Photos Stitching using Hugin

I have always had an interesting in shooting panoramic images for a long time.  In the past I shot using a Horizon 202 film camera, but have not used it for a while.  Now shooting digital it is easier than ever to stitch panoramic images.  Earlier this year, I shot a panoramic fashion shoot using a panoramic head.  Here an image from this shoot.

While working away in the US for 4 weeks, I had the opportunities to see some amazing sights and wanted to them using panoramic.  I did not have my pano head with me and shot the images hand held and used a free software called Hugin to stitched them together.  I was very surprised at it ability to stitch multiple hand held images together.  It has a lot of options to do fine adjustments and the results are very good, especially for a free software.  Here are my favorite images from my trip.

Pikes Peak, Colorado

Pikes Peak, Colorado

Dillon Lake, Colorado

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Loveland Pass, Colorado
I highly recommend this software for stitching panoramic images together.  It has served me very well on this trip.

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