Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flower Theme Beauty Shoot with Donna and Jade

I did a fruit theme beauty shoot earlier this year which was inspired by images I saw of Rankin.  This was a follow on from the original theme, except this time I wanted to shoot with flowers and plants.  Before I selected the models and studio, I asked Robyn Skinner if she would like to do the hair and makeup.  She is a MUA I’ve worked with before and very happy with her work.  She was very enthusiastic came up with a number of options for the makeup and hair.  Once Robyn was on board this project, I asked Donna and Jade, a couple of models I’ve worked with before and they were also keen to do this.

I shot all the images as Dock Road Studio, in Brentford London.  With beauty shoot, lighting is so important, shooting in a studio I can precisely control the lights.  The key light was a large beauty dish, a snoot for the background and a softbox/gridded beauty dish was used for hair light from behind.  Nothing fancy but precisely controlled.  It would be difficult to do on location.

This is a short time lapse video showing the makeup and lighting set up for Donna.

With beauty shoots, when you have models that can give you the looks you want, most of the work is actually done by the makeup artist and hair stylist.  In this case, Robyn did a great job with both hair and make for Donna and Jade.

This is a short time lapse video showing the makeup and lighting for Jade.

Beauty Shoot with Jade Time Lapse from Yat Tang on Vimeo.

Like all photo shoots, more time was spent in planning and post processing than the actual shooting the images.  It really helps when you work with professional people who can deliver during a shoot.  I really like the results I achieved with this beauty shoot and want to do more.  All I need is a little more time and a theme.

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