Thursday, July 18, 2013

Continuous Focus Performance of Olympus E-PM2

Personally, I always thought the continuous focus of the micro four thirds cameras to be poor and have not use it at all.  At the weekend I attended the Red Bull Soapbox Race in London.  For the first time I used the continuous focus on moving objects.  The soapboxes were travelling reasonably fast, and they were coming towards me.  I shot at Sequential Low at 3.5 FPS so the camera can focus between shots.  The focus mode I used was C-AF+TR (continuous auto focus with tracking) and to my surprise, it got more photos in focus than out of focus.  All images were shot with the Olympus 40-150mm IIR MSC lens.

Rather than talking about it, here are a few sequences.  The first sequence shows a VW camper van which is in focus through out.

This sequence was slightly less successful, but most of the images were in focus.  A couple of frames were under exposed.

Slightly out of focus

Much better but ever slightly out of focus

All good from here

Totally out of focus here

Out of focus and under exposed

Then it is good from here

Finally, here is another sequence that is in focus and well exposed.  This soapbox was travelling very fast towards me.

I was delighted to capture these sequences of images from this event.  The focus system exceeded my expectation and will be using my camera in more sports events in future.

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